October 13, 2007

People Weaver

Back in March, I noted that a friend had gifted me with a title or description of my life work: People Weaver. I have been thinking about that of late; I seem to be making life decisions. Not the sort of major life decisions like "I need a new job" or "I want a divorce" or "Let's have another child" but more subtle decisions that will nevertheless create change. In light of this decision making, I have been thinking about life work, perhaps of my personal mission statement. And so I have been thinking about people weaving.

Sometimes, its completely serendipitous and unconscious. I met a woman at a holiday party - a friend of a friend. We got to talking about yoga and it turns out she practices at my studio. We rarely share a class, but I see her coming and going, enough to know names, enough to say hello. Last night, she was at an organ recital at Trinity, and our paths crossed as I was leaving Cinestudio. As she noted "I don't know anyone in Hartford, but I run into you" Life is sending me a message - here is a person for you. Maybe a friend. Or maybe she is a piece of a puzzle, and somewhere in my life is the matching piece. But, now that she has entered my consciousness, I remember her. Like that old kid's game concentration - I turn over the card, see what is there, and keep it in mind for when I find it's match.

But it's not simple match-making - of the connubial sort or otherwise. Sometimes it's making sure friend A knows friend B. Or that two communities intersect. Or bringing together opportunities with needs.

It's also a path of subtlety. Not demanding that a person come to an artificial, arranged meet-up, rather it's a recognition that a friend might like an activity or a group, and just slowly making an introduction. Patience is required, and the willingness to watch and wait, sometimes for years. And sometimes, it just never happens.

To what purpose? I am not sure, really - except that the world is a very beautiful place and the interconnectedness of it all is part of what gives it beauty and depth. So to weave a few strands of that beauty provides great joy.

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