October 13, 2007

Eddie Perez and Crash

I was out at a yoga workshop all afternoon, but Zippy was home to get a visit from Mayor Perez and a small contingent: his wife and a councilperson. They were walking the neighborhood, calling on the neighbors. Mostly talking about schools. Zippy and our next door neighbor got his ear for 15 minutes or so. By all accounts, the mayor got off lucky: Zippy was not prepared for the visit so did not go into his litany of concerns with regard to (a) loud ice cream trucks, (b) pocket racers and gas powered scooters and other loud vehicles, (c) people parking on the street on gabage day, (d) eyesore properties in the neighborhood, and (e) the condition of our primary access road (which is on the WH property line and *is* being done over at the moment.

OK, I lived in Waterbury for 12 years, and never once even met the mayors: Santopietro, Giordano, or the other guy who got indicted but did not go to jail. We've gotten two calls from Mayor Perez in the past few months and now a visit. Say what you will about him, the man sure does know how to press the flesh and campaign.

In other news, we netflixed Crash (if its not at Real Art Ways, odds are I don't see it lately, which means even Academy Award winners slip past me). Zippy actually liked it (unusual). Really great and thought provoking film.

Tomorrow is balloon chasing in the morning (I'll try to get pictures, it should be a primo day) and in the afternoon, I'm ferrying Zippy up to NoHo for a meeting (MYA is gonna tag along, and we'll hit the town)

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