October 12, 2007

University Pushes to Evict Sex Offenders

The University of Washington in Seattle is pushing for the eviction of more than a dozen sex offenders who live in supervised rooming houses near campus. They have no history of causing problems, but the school still wants them out of the area.
Podcast here after 3 p.m.

Ties in to my previous post Have We Gone Too Far?

It's an interesting story - the landlady prefers these tenants to freshman / sophomore college students (who she describes as brats) and she takes her responsibility for these offenders seriously. She works closely with the parole / probation folks, and none of her tenants have re-offended. As for the evicted tenants - where will they go? How many will fall through the cracks into homelessness or drifting, with a much higher likelihood of falling back into their old ways, and/or ending up back behind bars.

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