October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Apparently the trend du jour in terms of registered sex offenders and halloween is to impose a curfew of sorts, including requiring that porch lights and house lights be darkened, to discourage trick-or-treaters.

Delaware is on board. So is Idaho. (Which makes me wonder what the porch light status is at the Craig household?)

I think it's a conspiracy cooked up by the American Dental Association, the Candy Syndicate, and the Costumers Amalgamated. Unindicted and unconvicted citizens who might choose to opt out of the annual sugarfest (as opposed to Sugarfist) will be afraid to leave the lights out for fear that the neighbors will suspect them of sex offender status. So we comply out of fear. More goodies for everyone.

Me, I've stocked up with a couple of big bags of candy (and I might pick up another today; the balmy weather promises a bumper crop of costumed visitors). We got close to 200 visitors last year. Living in a nice single family residential neighborhood, close to West Hartford's primary low income housing cluster (conveniently isolated from the rest of West Hartford by Trout Brook), we gets lots of kids.

I actually like handing out candy; it's a find childhood memory I like to pass down to the next generation. Zippy hates it - I think he's gonna find some place to hide tonight.

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Terrence McCarthy said...

I, too, wonder about the porch light status at the Craig household. Maybe it blinks every now and then, like some kind of Morse code. Like the tap, tap, tapping of feet in a stall.

I read that story, too. One more reason why parents are scared to death of just about everything that could scare their kids to death. Kind of ironic, this being halloween and all.

Me? I'd encourage my kid ( If I had one ) to walk up Craig's driveway, knock, and say to the man who answers the door:


He could take it two ways.