October 23, 2007

En Route Home

Gonna be a long day. I have a 4:25 flight home, but its a one-stop, same plane kind of thing (so minimal flying / travel time) - Southwest had some other options, but all of them involved 2+ extra hours of travel time and a change of planes (equals potential travel mayhem). So....I'm camped out at Southwest Florida International (eke Ft. Myers) where they have a Quiznos and Free WiFi. I got here so early Southwest would not even take my bags - need to go check them once I finish up here.

I found yoga this morning - I went to the Bala Vinyasa Yoga power class which was great - nice a sweaty, a bit more vinyasa than I normally see. I missed my usual mats / covers, so I was a bit worried about slipping towards the end of practice, but nothing serious. Even got a bit of Sirsasana in; towards the end of practice it was offered as an option to Plough and Shoulderstand, and I jumped at it.

They have interesting lighting in the studio, with colored bulbs chinese lanterns that the instructor changed as we practiced: red, yellow, green. It was different, and I think, a nice touch.

Off to check my bags; I may blog later as I settle in for a few hours of waiting, when I get bored of working!

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