October 26, 2007

Repair, Reuse, Recycle

I own a large plastic shopping case that I use to schlep tools and test equipment across the country. It's usually stuffed pretty full with meters and things in padded cases; it has wheels and a retractable handle, and it invariably weighs in around 48 pounds at the airport. It's a workhorse....it takes some abuse.

A month or so back, the case emerged at the luggage claim area damaged - it appears that it had not been fully closed (after TSA inspection) and one of the latches had been damaged. The other one worked - so I have continued to use the case, strapping it closed "just in case". The straps invariably come back destroyed, since the air handlers try to use them to left the case.....the rest of the case remains serviceable - surely a bit scuffed up, and the wheels can use some grease, but it does its job.

Anyway, I made some phone calls this morning - to Parker Plastics (the case manufacturer, which does not have a website and I had to do a WHOIS search for a phone number) and then to Caseman (a distributor) - and ordered a couple of replacement latches.

So for under $30, the case is back in business, avoiding a $350 replacement cost as well as 10-15 pounds of metal and plastic into the landfill....

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