October 31, 2007

Halloween Real Time Blogging

No special reason, I am sitting here waiting for the trick-or-treaters. Thought I would document tonight's candy madness. I'll be keeping an eye out for costume trends, cute kids, cute parents, volume.

6:07 - All set. I have a basket full of the "A" candy (Snickers and Milky Way) and a basket of the "B" candy (Starburst and Skittles). In reserve, the "C" candy (Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids). Put a plastic jack-o-lantern over the front porch light, and took the storm door screen out (and lowered the upper window). Zippy is hiding upstairs, away from the kids and the dogs barking. No kids on the street so far.....

6:20 - First group, 2 kids with dads on the sidewalk. Good spidey and bad spidey. Followed soon thereafter by a couple of mom, terrified by the dog barking (they were walking away as I opened the door) and then a big group, maybe 12 kids.

6:50 - Big rush. The "A" candy is about 2/3 through, moving over to the "B" candy. Spiderman seems to be the big costume today. Nothing really super impressive otherwise....

7:40 - Starting to slack off, the "B" candy is gone, well into the "C" candy now (with some "A" in reserve), although I confess to giving out 2 Starbursts cause they seemed small.

7:50 - Hey asshole in white Hummer - it's Halloween, there are kids all over the road, stop driving like a banshee through the neighborhood.

8:05 - The White Hummer made another pass. Over the speed limit.

8:15 - I turned the porch lights off - the kids had slowed to a crawl and I had cleared out the "B" and "C" candy and was back into the dregs of the "A" candy.

Happy Halloween!

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