October 06, 2007

Samadhi Yoga News

Samadhi Yoga in Manchester is having an open house today at their new facility. Information here.
I would definitely enjoy the YOGA SUN_A_THON in the parking lot. Join us for 108 Sun Salutations to live drumming.....Come for a few or come for all. It looks like a fun day and I wish I could be there; I'm heading out to the Northwest corner for a FRFF crew chief meeting; otherwise I would go.

I probably will hit the morning power class at 9:00 this morning; Nykki is subbing for Peg and I miss her (Nykki) and am interested in how she runs a more vinyasa style class......

Honestly, I miss all my yoga teachers - I have maybe 4 or 5 that I work with a lot, and when my schedule and practice keep me away from a particular one for a while, I begin to seek him/her out specifically. I wonder if my practice is better for having such a variety of instructors, or would I be better off working with one teacher?

Speaking of teachers, John Dorsey has popped up again, teaching a Wed morning and Friday morning power class at Samadhi in Manchester. Schedule here.

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