October 17, 2007

Long Time, No Blog

Apologies to all. I been busy.

Sunday morning was balloon chasing, which was fine - a nice ride from Bristol over the ridge to 91, near the Country Club Road exit. I took some pictures but nothing spectacular, so nothing bloggable. Sunday afternoon we hoofed it up to NoHo, where Zippy had a support meeting; I kind of cruised downtown NoHo - some light shopping, getting upset because I am not stylish enough for that town, and wishing I had a bit more money (and slightly less body) for clothes.

Monday morning, I worked at the studio, learning the ropes. Same thing tonight. I also practiced Monday (gentle, with Sharon) and a surprisingly good savasana; I say surprising because I tend to link savasana to the depth and energy of the practice - so a gentle practice would not make me expect this kicking savasana. Guess I was really present.....

Tuesday morning, more practice, with Nikki. Ostensibly a backbend class, I was expecting at least a Camel (Ustrasana), which I wanted to try since I got into it for the first time in Barbara's workshop - but we did get Wheel, and a bunch of variations on Bow. The rest of Tuesday was driving MYA up to Boston - long day.

Today, work, a little tire kicking (I am looking at new cars), and meditation following working at the studio.

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