October 08, 2007

Voices of Men

Voices of Men - An Educational Comedy by Ben Atherton-Zeman (one of my FRFF friends.....who you may know as the original "Lost-and-Found Guy")

This multi-media play deals with several important issues:

– Sexual assault and consent
– Dating violence and domestic violence
– Sexual harassment and objectification

The play uses humor and celebrity male voice impressions to bring these topics to audiences in a way that minimizes male defensiveness. Each male character in the play is forced to deal with one of the issues listed above – in doing so, they come to the realization that they are, in fact, both part of the problem and part of the solution. The process each male character goes through has led many boys and men to become involved in both self-reflection and in violence prevention efforts.

“Voices of Men” is ideal for a special program at a college, assembly at a high school, conference or community presentation. The play is supplemented by educational messages projected on a screen behind the actor – in between characters, video clips depicting violence prevention efforts are shown.

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